Night of the Living Dead (1974)

Written and published (initially by Warner Books) six years after the film's release.

Return of the Living Dead (1978)

The long-awaited sequel to Night of the Living Dead.

The Majorettes (1979)

The flash of the baton... Adapted into the film of the same title by John Russo in 1986.


A terrifying novel, Midnight was adapted by John Russo into his 1982 film of the same title.

Limb to Limb (1981)

The ghastly dance has begun...

Bloodsisters (1982)

They were sworn to evil...and each other.

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The Awakening (1983)

An unholy hunger rises to be fed...

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Day Care (1985)

Bright little children, at school and at play...

The Complete Night of the Living Dead Filmbook (1985)

This first-person, highly detailed retrospective of the 1967 production of Night of the Living Dead is unparalleled for its no-nonsense blow-by-blow account from the horse's mouth.

Inhuman (1986)

They were the walking dead, on a ruthless hunt for living blood.

Voodoo Dawn (1987)

Seven bodies have washed ashore in Florida, cannibalized and dismembered, bodies used in an occult ritual. Face the unspeakable terror...

Living Things (1988)

They hunt. They kill. And they never really die.

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Making Movies (1989)

Veteran independent filmmaker Russo outlines the moviemaking process step by step, from developing an idea to selling the finished product, including budgeting, pre- and post-production, raising money, technical aspects of shooting and editing, and dealing with agents, lawyers, and distributors.

Pragmatic, useful, down-to-earth, learn-from-my-mistakes (and successes) advice, interspersed with enlightening interviews with other successful indie filmmakers like George Romero, Oliver Stone, Sam Raimi, Tobe Hooper, and Tom Savini.

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Scare Tactics (1992)

Russo's filmmaking guidebooks are known as bibles of the industry. You'll learn everything from high-end camera operation to the finer points of blocking shots and directing talent. Plus you’ll discover the secrets to securing financing for your movies, negotiating contracts and how to get your projects into theaters.

"I made a movie I didn't finish. Then I read your books, took notes and made charts, and that's what guided me through my first finished movie." - Quentin Tarantino

Hell's Creation (1995)

How many are destined to die at the hands of evil?

Dealey Plaza (1995)

Dealey Plaza is one of the most notorious places in America, and when youthful conspiracy buffs go there in 1964 to stage their own reenactment of the Kennedy Assassination, four of them are brutally murdered -- the first victims of a hate-filled legacy that continues for four more decades.

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The Academy (2014)

It's every parent's dream, turning their little darlings into geniuses, super-achievers, perfect little children.

And if there's a problem, the Academy fixes that, too. It's a simple operation... just a little device...

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The Booby Hatch (2014)

The long-awaited novelization to the 1971 sex-bomb classic!

Belly Timber (2015)

In Ohio, an evil group of ruthless Mongolian nomads are practicing the cannibalistic religion of Kala with reckless abandon. No one is safe.

As each day passes, more and more people fall victim to the Kala Clan's evil. With time running out, can John McCormick and his posse of frontiersmen find and defeat this notorious foe?

Written in collaboration with Gary Lee Vincent and Solon Tsangaras.

My Uncle John is a Zombie (2018)

He's hungry... He's horny... He's family!

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How To Make Your Own Feature Movie for $10,000 or Less (1995)

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Trust in Yourself

The Price of Admission (2022)

When fiction and reality blur, the consequences can be deadly.

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